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Bigdata & Analytics

Searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data software

Big Data Analyzer & Visualizer

Collect and Provide a value to all your logs from any type of source


Real time data treatment


Process any data in structured event


Correlate logs from metrics, databases, events or security


Build awesome dashboards


No need query language


Fully scalable

Gather your logs from any source

Analyze your business applications and infrastructure in real-time

One of the digital transformation key point and challenge is the Big Data analytics. It helps organizations to empower their vision, in order to identify new opportunities.

Automated big data analysis software

LIKPI is a software solution that allows you to analyse and visualize in real time the data gathered from different sources log, coming from your IT infrastructure or your business applications. Our solution is fully scalable and able to manage several millions of messages per second.

After the deployment of LIKPI, probes gather logs. First you will be able to easily transform streaming data in structured events, then query and build real time dashboards with your Key Performance Indicators


Likpi is a Big data Analyzer & Visualizer made to manage the largest data volume

Big data analytics is widely considered as a key driver of marketing and business processes improvement.

However, a solution able to :

  • manage a huge amount of incoming data flow
  • structure them properly in metadata
  • easily extract values in real time
  • with a good exploitability vector

is really a challenge !

LIKPI for Big Data Analytics & Visualization has been designed from the beginning with this objective underneath!

LIKPI core features

With LIKPI, Big Data becomes accessible for everyone !

  • Manage easily several millions of incoming events per second
  • Extract your Key Performance Indicators from the amount of data thanks to our powerful SQL Query Builder module
  • Detect in real time any side effect or abnormalities situation and trigger a remedy
  • Trends analysis with automatic selection of the best algorithm
  • In memory or persistent storage database secured with fail-over mechanism